John Deere 7220 tractor won’t move

John Deere 7220 problems Problems

Today I went out to push the snow with my John Deere 7220 tractor and after putting the quad shift transmission in the C range I put the reverse gear forward and nothing happened. No movement at all. No click, nothing. I tried reverse gear and there was nothing either. I tried all the ranges and still nothing.

A couple of days ago it worked perfectly and was fine when I parked it, although today it was very cold when I tried to use it if that matters. I had the tractor plugged in for a couple of hours before starting it up and then I let it warm up for quite a while before going to use it and I’m pretty sure the oil got hot enough.

Where do I start to find out this?

I believe there are two large fuses supplying main power to the tractor above the battery. One of them had bad corrosion on my 7420 and did the same as yours. One was fine and another stopped making contact. I started it in the shed and it wouldn’t budge. That’s what happened to me.

The tractor started and ran and things worked in the cab but didn’t budge. I ended up putting new ends in the fuse block and new fuses and a bunch of dielectric grease. Easy to check.

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