John Deere 7220 starting problem

John Deere 7220 starting Problems

I have a John Deere 7220 starting problem. A couple of days ago I tried to start the tractor when it was about 5 degrees. It was a last minute thing so I didn’t plug it in. The tractor started once and was turned off. I put a nipco on it to heat it up and the tractor still wouldn’t start so I put it in the heated shop for a couple of days and it still won’t start. It had never happened to me. Any idea what it could be? Tried to bleed the fuel lines just in case I had some air in them. Thanks in advance.

The 6000 and 7000 20 series, that is, the JJohn Deere 7220, have a fuel pump on the side of the engine frame. The first used a pump, and the second serial number used it as an upgraded pump with by pass, which could be a problem to bleed the fuel from the pump, when the key is turned on, it bleeds itself automatically. That is, if all is well with the fuel lines of the pump, it goes through the first filter and then pushes it through the second filter to refrigerator.

It pushes it through the second filter to the cooler and to the injection pump what happens is that the pump can push the fuel but cannot suck it through the first filter I have seen that it is a problem with the line from the tank to the filter or from the filter to the pump that is bad my suggestion is to change the fuel line and if the lift pump has not been changed change it for a new updated one.

Is there a good replacement for the fuel lines? I removed the little brass limiter from one of the ducts when I changed it once on my John Deere 7220. I had trouble starting after that. I put it back on and since then I haven’t had any boot problems.

I have changed a lot of fuel lines on those, it seems like the lines that have the fiber coating get little holes in them, through the line .. I haven’t found the key yet. It seems that if you mess with him long enough, he will eventually blow the air out and tear off.

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