John Deere 7220 blower motor switch problem

John Deere 7220 Problems

I have a John Deere 7220 blower motor switch problem. Both blower motors stalled yesterday after hitting a pothole in the field. The compressor clutch also does not engage. The fuses fo5 / 1, fo5 / 13 and fo5 / 14 are well checked with an ohmmeter. The K10 / 1 relay is well checked and has even been exchanged and there is no change.

I have not tried to jump the relay but I know how to do it. I went straight to the fan motors because I couldn’t figure out how to remove the fan switch. I disconnected the two wire connector to a motor and both terminals are hot when the fan switch is off, but both are dead when turned to either of the on positions.

I called a JD technician. He told me to replace the fan speed resistor, but it still doesn’t work. There is no voltage on any of the four poles of the connector that goes to the resistor. All tests were done with the key in the on position.

The fault may be in the switch. If you need to access the blower motor switch, you will need to remove the covers from the indicator lamps and the right side lamps. Once the display covers are removed, you will be able to access the four screws located below the indicator lamp shield and the two screws located below the field light shields.

The bottom can then be removed, allowing access to another cover located directly below the control switch. With the last cover removed, the switch wiring connector is accessible. The switch ground wires are pins 3 and 6, both are cc310.

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