John Deere 7220

John Deere 7220

John Deere 7220 is a Farm Tractor from 2003 to 2007 in the United States with a standard ComfortGard cab with air conditioning. This Model was manufactured by John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, United States. It is a 7020 series 2WD / 4WD row crop tractor. This series was designed and built specifically for pulling heavy loads. The production of these tractors lasted 5 years, from 2003 to 2007, when the John Deere 7230 tractor replaced it.

The John Deere 7220 row crop tractor used the John Deere PowerTech 6068HF475 engine. The JD 7220 tractor was enormously powerful for a tractor manufactured at that time. It is a 5.9 L, 5,883 cm 2 (359.0 cu-in) five-cylinder turbodiesel with a 106.0 mm (4.17 in) cylinder bore and a 127.0 piston stroke. mm (5 in). The compression ratio is 17.0: 1. This engine produces 111.5 PS (82.0 kW; 110.0 HP) at 2,300 rpm of power and 433.9 Nm (44.2 kg-m, 319, 8 ft-lb) at 1,500 rpm of torque.

The John Deere 7220 is equipped with:

  • power steering,
  • hydraulic wet disc brakes,
  • standard ComfortGard cab with air conditioning or open station with two-post ROPS.

The fuel tank that powers the diesel engine can hold up to 207.0 liters (54.7 US gallons; 45.5 Imp. Gallons).

John Deere 7220 – Power 110 hp (82 kW), diesel, 6 cylinders, 106 x 127 bore x stroke, liquid-cooled engine, turbocharger, 540 rpm PTO, powershift, unlimited forward gears (ranges: -1), Unlimited reverse gears (ranges: – 1).

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In terms of dimensions and weight, this model weighs 11,830 pounds or 5,366 kg, has a width of 96 inches [243 cm], a length of 202.1 inches [513 cm], and a height of 112.5 inches [285 cm], while maintaining a 104.3-inch [264 cm] wheelbase, the front tread is between 59.5 and 87.5 inches, while the rear is between 60 and 88 inches. Agricultural tires 14.9R28 front and 14.9R28 rear.

This John Deere 7220 is powerd by a diesel engine has 414 ci or 6.8 L 6 cylinders, can produce 110 hp or 82.0 kW at 2300 (rpm), and has a torque of 320 lb-ft or 433.9 Nm At 1500 (rpm) the fuel tank capacity is 54.7 gal or 207.0 L. This machine has 4×2 2WD wheel drive system, Infinite Forward and Reverse Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) system.

Powerful engine, powered by diesel, more than 4 cylinders is the highest working culture, the rated working rotation at an ideal level, the turbo engine, powered by 12V starter, 24V large battery, equipped with an alternator Rather typical, lighting, very good spec PTO, no BAS, disc brakes, wet work, heavy tractor, for large farms, traditional two wheel drive, hydrostatic control, no synchromesh gearbox, gear shift power, advanced transmission, electro-hydraulic controls in the Plus, it has two clutches, gear shifting under load, many forward ratios, a large number of reverse gears.

This model is the most versatile tractor to process a farmer’s field. The machine does all the work, from preparing the land to harvesting the crops. Thanks to reliable assembly, high-quality parts and mechanisms, as well as high pulling power, this model is widely used on large farms and farms. The tractor also performs work in the production of feed, it is widely used for cargo transport. This functionality of this model is possible thanks to a wide range of mounted units.

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John Deere

  • John Deere 7220 2WD
  • John Deere 7220 MFWD


This tractor has been a workhorse for us. It was very used in situations in which they should have been larger tractors and greater power, but the circumstances did that we had to test this tractor and it was surprising, behaved well and the closed turns helped us a lot in some of the fields Strange and smaller shape. It will be useful for many years, in many applications.

The spinning radius of that John Deer is amazing.

The farm for which work has a 7220 and I love driving it. It has a lot of hours and it still works very well. I should serve him well.

My father used to have a 7220 with a loader. The only problem we had was a morning when we left and the tractor did not start, it turned out that the computer had been fried in some way, but luckily it was still covered by the guarantee. I do not think it’s a common problem since it has not happened again and I have not heard that it has happened to anyone else.

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We had a 7220 of the year 05, built in Waterloo, it was a very good tractor. We changed it by 6115 R and sometimes we want to have the 7220 again. The 6 cylinders of the 7220 had much more power than 4 cylinders of the new one.

A few years ago we had a 7220 with a front engine. I liked it a lot, but we needed more power and we decided to replace it. We have never had problems and 2WD, I think you’ll have a good time.

In fact we have a 7220 with doubles, we use it for the planting of corn with a John Deere 7220 of 8 rows. I think. Very good tractor.

I live about six kilometers from the John Deere Tractors Assembly main floor. The 7220 series went and are very popular tractors, the flat front cabin and the corner escape are still some of the best innovations they have made. The hydraulic system of variable displacement is much more pleasant and smooth than the outbound.

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It is agile and has a very good visibility around you. It should be powerful enough for your applications.

We just bought a 7220 4WD a couple of weeks ago. So far it’s good. 5000HRS is nothing. There are 7020 series out there with 15,000-18,000 hours and it still goes.

We have a 7220. Strip of our 15-foot JD drill as a charm. It is a good investment.

I have a 7220. It has 7,550 hours and it has been a very good tractor.

We have 2 7220 on our farm and they are one of the best tractors we have.

 John Deere 7220 2

We have been collecting peanuts with a 7220 for 12 years, it is a phenomenal tractor.

We have a 7220 with 5500 hours, large small tractors to handle a packer.

One thing is that the lights are not the best of the 20 series of Deere, but apart from that a good tractor.

Excellent rubber, quad power, cabin, air, heater!

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